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A Clean House

I woke up feeling disgusted and confused to some extent. The house was in every way disheveled and unorganized. When things were far from put together. It affected me mentally and also shifted my mood.

In any home, things typically quickly accumulate or slowly build. That goes for dishes, laundry and even dirt. This happens intentionally or unintentionally. The key factor is you. You must be the one to recognize the need for cleaning. Sometimes you aware of the change immediately other times it just hits you like a ton of bricks. Being aware is only part of it. Next, you must make time and be motivated to make that change. You can see a pile up and keep saying tomorrow or later I will do that. Living non-motivated to make changes.

Suddenly, your doorbell rings and an unexpected visitor stops by. You are left embarrassed or quickly trying to fix things. By then it’s too late. You make comments like “Excuse the mess” or “I’ve been so busy I haven’t had time to clean up” with nervous laughter following.

I don’t know about you but cleaning is extremely cathartic and therapeutic for me. When my environment is clear and I feel free in my mind, I’m and overall happy. It’s welcoming and I get a sense of freedom. I took a moment to take it all in. I noticed the breeze from the window was the epitome of a perfect September afternoon. The smell of fresh linens, “Bath & Body” works signature scents in the air, the sight of glossed floors and well-organized space did something to me. I felt empowered and oh so good. Creativity started flowing and I was free to be my artistic self.

While wrist deep in a soapy environment the Lord whispered to me. You love how this feels right? That is great for the home, but what about you? I almost dropped the pot cover. Wow! What about me? I knew exactly what He meant. He was not referring to the space or even the boost in my mood. I am the vessel who houses God. His presence lives me, but my spirit has been junky. I recognized a lethargy in my spirit but was saying “I’ll take care of later or I don’t even wanna address this right now” Spiritual procrastination, neglect and eventually build-up. Spiritual build-up is the daily failure to renew my mind and spirit. The failure to communicate with the Savior to get rid of the dust of worry, the muck of stress and pile up from the doors I opened to the enemy. He resides inside of me and what an insult to be surrounded by the external and internal elements that have left a residue. Its unwelcoming and uninviting. Who feels comfortable in a dirty house? I was immediately convicted, and I needed to repent.

I said “Lord purge me. I want to turn from my wicked ways. Everything that upsets you please forgive me and help me to live the way you desire. I want you to smile when you see me. I want to do what is most pleasing to you after all I am the apple of your eye.”

PSALM 51:10- Clean heart, renew my spirit

Sometimes external things are easier to spot and you get uncomfortable enough to do something about it but internal mess we allow ourselves to live comfortably with. Christ lives within, no unwanted guests can dwell here. Just a clean atmosphere to maintain freedom, joy with no clutter. Every house is not a home, but I desire to be that vessel and that place He can call home.

Sometimes, we have to check our environment and monitor what’s being placed within. Is this a waste or is this edifying?… and where do I place this or that? Every home has a place for treasured items and a place for waste. When the two mix, we are in trouble. You must ask yourself “am I just living recklessly or am I being intentional about managing my home? I was perturbed by the disgust I felt internally and externally but so grateful that I recognized, acknowledged, and ran to the source that can help me clean up.

Sometimes when people clean, they put on their favorite jams that sustains their momentum. Oftentimes, music is very essential during this cleaning process. What are you playing as the soundtrack to keep you spiritually clear? Music that edifies or infiltrates. It is a spiritual experience and we should be very careful as to what we feed our spirit. It’s important that we protect our gates. Our ears, sight, heart are some gates to protect. They should have a combination that only God has the code for on them. In Isaiah 52:11 KJV tells that those that bare the vessels of the Lord should not touch the unclean thing. We ought to be Holy vessels not defiled ones. Imagine someone coming over to your home and thirsty and requests water. Would you take a dirty cup and then serve them? We are saved to serve and we can’t contaminate the people we are called to help save and heal.  

Thankfully, repentance is like a combination of Mr. Clean, Clorox, Lysol, and any other substance you clean with. It is an opportunity to wipe clean, purify and purge. When you don’t feel good about or in your environment, check in with the one who lives within and I guarantee things will change. You can’t do this type of cleaning on your own.

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