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Waiting For You Now Available on Amazon 

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“Waiting for You” is a visual snapshot of the anticipation while parents eagerly prepared for their child’s arrival. “Children should know that someone anticipated their existence” says Reneé. This book's aim is to foster a sense of belonging and plant the seeds of self-worth and value. Each child is born with beauty, significance, and purpose, they should know that. Everyone is born with a treasure inside that needs nurturing to unlock. Reneé encourages families to use this book as a tool to foster deeper relationships through thought-provoking conversation, activities and prayer.


Vaughn L Brandford

All I Can Say is Wow!!!! Definitely powerful! I love the activities. Kids and parents get to reflect and get a reminder that there is greatness in them!!!

Alexandra Richardson

It's the prayers at the back for me! The images are captivating. It will be a memory for both parents and the child who grows up and sees this. I always look at my album and the info written in it in awe. I love it!

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