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"Waiting For You" 

"All Things Considered"

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“Waiting for You” is a visual snapshot of the anticipation while parents eagerly prepared for their child’s arrival. This book's aim is to foster a sense of belonging and plant the seeds of self-worth and value. Everyone is born with a treasure inside that needs nurturing to unlock. Reneé encourages families to use this book as a tool to foster deeper relationships through thought-provoking conversation, activities and prayer.


An honest conversation has many benefits such as being able to communicate your needs, manage expectations, develop respect and most of all helps maintain relational health. Great for personal introspection and relational health. 

No relationship is perfect but good communication can make or break your relationship. If you're ready to build ?... THIS BOOK IS FOR YOU!


Vaughn L Brandford

All I Can Say is Wow!!!! Definitely powerful! I love the activities. Kids and parents get to reflect and get a reminder that there is greatness in them!!!

Alexandra Richardson

It's the prayers at the back for me! The images are captivating. It will be a memory for both parents and the child who grows up and sees this. I always look at my album and the info written in it in awe. I love it!

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