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5-W’s Approach to Writing

Tips for Better Business Writing

By: “SignatureThoughts8” Christine A. George

1. Be specific – (the what approach) Know exactly what your message is and aim to make it clear to your readers. Get to your point you don’t necessarily have to be long to be strong. Make sure that the content is cohesive. This approach is most important. This is where you ensure that your topic is not offensive but is stated in an objective manner.

2. Know Your Audience – (the who approach) Tone and approach are important factors in writing. Its imperative to know your audience so you can adjust your speech to the appropriate writing standards. The letter you write to your boss will not have the same tone that you would use for a loved one or close friend. Know the

3. Time (the when approach)- In every area of writing time is everything. A journalist may need to produce information immediately to be on the cutting edge but one interviewing someone of great stature leaking information is a breach in mere ethics. Timing is everything to prevent premature exposure

4. Appropriate Medium (the where approach)

5. Be Authentic – (the how approach) there’s nothing worse than a copycat. You may not have an original topic or be the initial source, but your writing should permeate you. Your writing style should be distinctive and true to your own voice, perspective and style. The how approach also included editing by reading aloud, revision, checking grammar, and spell check. This is the final step before you consider publishing and submission of your work.

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