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They often say that “familiarity breeds contempt” I slightly disagree. It is a known fact that as people draw close despite the nature of their relationship they become relaxed.

I have been very close to every Employer I had and yet what made them love me is my understanding of boundaires. What made me different?… RESPECT. When you care for someone or honor thier title you will respect them. Respect will put you in check and remind you about where you stand and whats apporpraite. I get comfortable but not too comfortable.

There is also what I like to call the “Power of Invitation”, if your leader or authority figure invites you into thier personal lives. Its a great sign on trust and confidence that you are responsible for. You given that exclusive key should also keep in mind that your mouth should operate as a safe. Your motives need to be clear and pure. So when people get close and hurt others was it beacuse of the familiar behavior or was it because they got acess to a door without the right heart and character to remian in the building??

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