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Count Your Blessings: Writing Prompt

Psalm 103: 2-5

We all have something to be grateful for. The harsh circumstances increased wisdom, strength, a deeper or renewed perspective but most of all gratitude.

From January 1st until this present day we can honestly say that God has been better than good to us. Today, I challenge you …

1. List each month of the year

2. Next to it, write how you have been blessed, encountered a miracle or life has been enhanced.

I can assure you that by December 31st; you will have a strong list of things to be thankful for, proud of and surprisingly accomplished.

I don’t know you but I am happy for you and all that’s occurring in your life. The good outweighs the bad. In all things, remember to keep God first and He will enable you to soar and live your best life.

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