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Oftentimes we talk about vicious cycles and how we want to be the end to them in our bloodlines. Its like a never ending song thats horrifying to your ears and peace.Guess what? Its not enough just to recognize a cycle. You have to be vigalent and proactive about strategic ways to prevent you from going down the same path.

We mostly become products of what we see, hear and experience. You have to make a conscious decision not to become “another one”. I just want to encourage someone that if you let God handle your life I can assure you with his directions and your obedience to HIm you will succeed and surpass all that is represented in your blood line. No you don’t have to accept whats preveleant. You may ask yourself well how am I different or special? It’s your mentality. If you can recognize and diagnose and issue your not on the same page. The ones called to make the difference is typically the one that feels odd and had a unique perspective. Go ahead and be great and be the change you want to see.

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