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Derogatory Vernacular: The New Norm

In all of my years, I have yet to witness a Latino greet another by saying “what’s up Spick?” or Caribbean Indian calling each other “Coolie” or white people going “what up Cracker?” and the list goes on. However, I am always perturbed by the loose use of the word “Nigga” in my culture and society.

Many say that it’s used as a term of endearment now times have changed. The term “my nigga” is for someone your close to or highly respect. The “N” word is also used for societal greetings used amongst all races. Well that’s just my point. Everyone is comfortable using the “N” work to refer or greet any race and it is the new norm. How did we let that happen?

If the other races won’t use vulgar terms to refer to each other (due to its original associations) then why did we make it okay? Many would argue that we took back its power when we were able to use it ourselves. My question would be then if other races call each other nigga” its cute its them trying to be like us some form of cultural appropriation but yet if they use it ON us why have a problem? It should be alright, then right?

We speak about being “woke” but were still half asleep to the fact that slavery has left lasting impressions and imprints on our lives. It was okay to degrade each other then to be the “cool one on the plantation” but we degrade ourselves now to be cool with each other. To me, its not paying homage to the fact that we have overcome. Its ignorance at its finest, a psychological acceptance to a new connotation. That word has a root and although the land looks bare ‘cause the trees are gone doesn’t mean the roots are non-existent. What are we saying about and to our roots? We all ahve a right to free speech but are there no boundaries? Someone please help me understand.

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