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From State to State

Let’s jump right into it. A state has an ambiguous meaning. It can be a geographical place within a country, a state of mind and even a posture.

Oftentimes, I hear people say “change of environment is essential” so they leave their home in hopes to find solace and peace elsewhere. I do agree that every now and then we need to just get away. We need to relax, release, and just dwell in peace or maybe have some fun. We all deserve that. Change of environment affects one’s mood and shifts perspective as well.

One thing that is for sure; ultimately, it’s your posture that is a direct correlation to your state of mind. If I am unhappy with my life or feel frustrated, shifting my location is all that I am doing it does not remove the issue. That same mentality travels with you. We go places mentally and sometimes we lose our passport. We have no admission back to that homeostasis of internal peace. We lose ourselves in the land of frustration, being overwhelmed and so much more. We look for external reasons to take the blame for your current situation instead of searching within. You know what they say “when someone wants to leave they will find a million reasons to go can’t find one to stay”- Unknown.

If someone is a go getter and that state of mind is their posture no matter where you place them, they will strive. My point is, if you really believe that moving elsewhere is the answer to your problems you are in for a rude awakening. Yes, some people thrive after they shift locations, but you must have the right mentality in order to make that life adjustment. You may have unfavorable conditions where you are right now but trust me there is much you can experience that is wonderful in the eye of a storm.

I am all for traveling the world or exploring a new place. Sometimes we need a fresh start but just keep in mind that the fresh start must being with YOU.

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