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Hidden Camera or Hidden Agenda?

Social and Racial Inequality

I typicially refrain from speaking about touchy topics such as racial and social injustice but I think it is time. I am appalled by the news and current events that have swept the nation. Racism never died it was under a rug.

Now the rug has collected too much dust, someone or a group of people grew allergic and decided to dust out that mat. Lifting to unveil certain issues opened Pandora’s box but it is critical to know what we are living with. Police brutality has been more blatant and in our faces especially if you livein the inner city. Many people fought against and spoke against such expereinces. Time and time again we receive sadening news about another life loss without just cause.

Officers have “dash cams” to record events as well as protect themselves. I strongly believe that the average vehicle should have such technology built in. If were doing to talk about equality lets start with that. I think it would be great if vehicles came with an option to upload footage to your cloud immediately by the push of a button. I truly beleive that it can save lives or at least be a voice to voicelss especially if thier lives are taken. Many racists are very vocal about thier stance and exercise thier freedom of speech (1st Amendment). This world we live in is becoming more and more dangerous and it is crucial to protect yourself by any means necessary. I am in favor of creating this upgrade to American vehiciles. I hope someone sees this and really takes it into consideration.

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