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One Bad Tree: Truth about Christians

All people who claim to be Christians are not true Believers even if they are wearing a robe. This is why God encourages us to get to know him for ourselves.

Many people today have a disdain for Christians. The faith has been exploited from trusted Leaders and even Politicians. Unfortunately, there are bad apples hiding behind the leaves of a belief system for deceptive purposes. I am here to tell you that not all Christians are bad.

The Christian faith is unlike others, it is very open and accepting to all. It’s easy for one to claim being a Christian and not truly believe in Christ or his principles. Many use Christ to create a façade for their reputation or life choices. I have family members who would not step foot in a church but is quick to tell you that they are Christians. There is a difference between a Believer of Christ and a church goer “aka” Christian. One believes in the principles and examples that Jesus set as precedents and uses it to have a better life and perspective on life. This is supposed also affect one major aspect of our lives, our interpersonal relationships.

Jesus was all about personal relationships and making sure to leave a positive impact or significantly enhance the life of another. The characteristics of Christ are also known as fruit. If you look at it this way, all of us in humanity are trees. We all have roots and were all seeds of someone else before us. However, what we produce as fruit can vary in quality and taste. Your mother can be sweet but through life circumstances and a failed mindset to shift past the past you can live bitter and stuck. The people who encounter you are getting a bitter taste in their mouth. They grow to have a disdain for you and now generalize every other tree that looks similar. That’s what the world does, JUDGE. We have Master degrees in judgement. We make assumptions and are so quick to accept the meat of another’s opinion without proper investigation. Our ears are as big as our mouths and we have a large appetite for gossip.

All people who claim to be Christians are not true Believers even if they are wearing a robe. This is why God encourages us to get to know him for ourselves. We can’t take someone else’s word for it. A real Preacher would guide you but also encourage you to delve into the word yourself. You may think well if I can read and teach myself then I do not need to attend a ministry. That’s another blog topic all by itself but guidance is always necessary. Just because you purchase the textbook it doesn’t make you an expert you still must take the class.

Study to show thyself approach is what the Bible says in 2 Timothy 2:15. I implore you to do so. Also I would encourage you to try Christ and his Ambassadors again. Not all of his Children have spoiled fruit. Many of us are authentic individuals seeking truth, a better or enhanced life, enlighten and much more. Many of us are focused on sharing the good news. Many love the gospel over gossip and won’t judge you. A real believer would know that Judgement is only in the hands of God. We are here to love and embrace humanity and make a difference. We’re not the same, please don’t put us all into the same category.

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