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One Word, Direction

One word from a person with pure intentions for you to live your best life can change your life! Yes, that was a mouthful but I couldn’t say it any other way. Beyonce asks the question “Who runs the world?” followed by a response of “girls!” but to me its WRITERS!!!

Let me explain. Writers construct the greatest speeches of all time. Many of which altered and shaped our history, nation, and the world at large. Writers evoke feelings, provide fantasy, and escape. They inspire the masses on various platforms. Writers affect our educations create laws, composed your favorite song and list goes on and on.

When someone gives great advice, that moment of inspiration and direction can shift the trajectory of your entire life. For example, my Mentor Dr. Courtney M. Bradley said, “Every day, do something about what God told you!” We all have a purpose and a destiny to fulfill. Some are still in search of clarity others are well on their way and on route. Regardless we all arrive in the timing of God. We are not our own so do not ever feel behind time or far off from where you need to be. I call Gods guidance the real G.P.S. Its Gods Positioning System of direction, instructions, and inspiration. No matter what obstacles encompasses you just know that you have a compass that would never let you go too far or lead you astray. You can rely and trust Him wholeheartedly. He has a plan for our lives (an expected end… Jeremiah 29:11) Circling back to Mr. Bradley’s quote, that statement shapes my morning thought process. Do not just get up in the literal sense but get up in life. Do a little every day. I realize that I am a person with BIG dreams, and I want to take these massive leaps, but some things require baby steps before I can take longer strides and eventually leaps.

Phenomenal individuals with great vision and wisdom happen to be writers, orators and motivational speakers influence our spheres of influence. My question to you is what words do you wake up to? Are there any words that confront you? Any words affect your habits or your daily activities?

Your vision should have words that point you forward. They say that “you are what you eat”. Every time you have a conversation with someone or have an internal monologue just know it’s an exchange of sorts. You are being fed in that exchange just make sure its something positive and nurturing that can propel you forward. Until next time stay positive, surround yourself with those who speak from a posture of health, create vision boards, utilize post-its with quotes and get yourself set up to live the life you desire to live.

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