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Prepare for Takeoff

Sometimes, we are waiting for our lives to “takeoff” and were confused about why we may still be in a “queue” (British) or line. God is the both the control center and the Divine Pilot. He is seated in the “pit” of our lives and desires us to arrive at our destined place but needs our cooperation. There are instructions to follow. He has a team providing them and demonstrating what safety looks like. He prepared for this moment. He came fully loaded and everything is in place. I PAID a price already for the seat that I occupy. This seat has my name on it, I belong here. What I could not cover, He took care of it.

Aircraft does not take off sometimes due to factors such as weight(baggage), altitude pressure and runway conditions. I had to check myself. You have been “grounded” for so long but isn’t time? What is going on? What weight are you carrying that is excess that isn’t even yours? The altitude of my faith, where is it? And most importantly, what is going on with the runway of my life? God has already cleared there way and gave a green light. The signals were very clear, but I couldn’t see it.

 I then asked myself, aren’t you not built to go the distance? What is going on with the surface of the path? And is there fear? I got my answer tonight in Midnight Prayer (Encounter). My spiritual father, Dr. Courtney M. Bradley elaborated on being fastened. I then realized that it is me. I must be deliberate about being “fastened” in Him so he can take me where I need to go at the correct attitude. My problem was I couldn’t grasp what that meant or what was needed from me. It dawned on me afterwards that not only have things been demonstrated, but there is also a manual and guide to refer to.  Even if I am afraid of the height; even if I never been this way before I MUST trust that He is an expert in my life.

:Always forward, never backward” – Abraham Lincoln

God’s plan isn’t to disappoint or crash. My expected end doesn’t include casualties but life. He made the announcement for me to “prepare” and that’s my cue to use what is provided to “buckle up”. I am precious cargo to Him. I am not on this ride alone. My dear friend Tameka Samuels said when we take heed to the instruction to “be fastened then we can withstand the sudden (or projected) turbulence and winds”. In order to soar, we need speed and that’s what God is trying to build if we let Him. It is our time to soar. Soar over dangerous waters, conquer our fears, experience unchartered territory, and discover, escape the past, expand our perspective, learn, become more cultured in Him. It’s not time to loose control but allow him to be in cruise control. I don’t know about you but I’m ready for takeoff.

Time to SOAR!

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