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Quarantine 2020- Mental Health Talk

Just as I predicted, this Quarantine experience of 2020 is life changing. Its not just an interruption in our daily lives but a disruption mentally. So many of us have a heavy bag of emotions, fears, concerns and trauma to unpack.

Its both wise and healthy during this time to seek help, to be open and honest about how we are all feeling and make sure there’s a safety net for when you do let go of these burdens. Make sure you have a safe space or network of people who can help you make sense of what your experiencing.

For me, After the reality set in that I was a COVID-19 Survivor, my anxiety increased, I had difficulty sleeping and the list goes on. I experienced “Survivors Remorse” and I had no idea at the time that I was dealing with PTSD. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is no joke. Having flashbacks, night sweats, intensified anxiety, crying on and off or just consistently. I was a mess. I found someone to speak to and turned to my faith to help me through this process.  

Depression was something I suffered silently with as a juvenile and even worse I was extremely functional. I led several groups and organizations; I was friendly and social and I kept everyone smiling and I wore one myself. Folks close to me just thought I was moody and it was difficult to express. I will encourage everyone to tap into a outlet, hobbie or find a new passion. I choose dance, songwriting, poetry, art and music as a way to express myself. Trust me, it was not easy getting here many days I wanted to do absolutely nothing but in times like this that’s when we need to discover new things. Discovery of new hobbies also excavates new strength and hope. This moment in time may be stressful but your moments alone don’t have to be.

This Quarantine is giving many of us extra time to relish, analyze and actually confront some things in our lives. I highly encourage everyone to take advantage of this opportunity to address some things when life returns (not back to normal) you will need a free conscious, liberated mind and a new found perspective on life.

This time is stressful but does not have to be!

Life is short and the window of opportunity is even shorter. This is the perfect time to establish, precure or solidify your relationship with God. Trust me, in these times we need divine intervention. Facing your issues from childhood, current trauma or issues are never easy but its necessary. Maybe you’re not dealing with pain or even loss but maybe at a crossroads of life where your trying to determine your next step, your next move in your career, education or marital status. We all have a mountain to conquer but we can’t do that we a heavy backpack. Take some moments to address what your prepared for. Ask yourself the hard questions like “Do I have a plan or strategy for this?” or “have I done the research?”. This moment in time you will not get back so use it wisely and know that you’re a blessed Treasure. Diamonds undergo a lot of pressure and other in tense processes before they begin sparkling. Before you go on display make sure your worthy of the platform.

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