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Stealthing Plain and Simple

Warning. This specific blog post may be sensitive subject for some readers. Just in case your unfamiliar with the term, stealthing is simply unconcentual sexual activity.

In this case, it’s the removal of a contraceptive unbeknownst to your partner’s knowledge. It’s deliberate, intentional and most of all wrong. In most places it is considered to be a criminal act. Oftentimes, women blame ourselves for certain occurrences that are beyond her control. It is the responsibility of the condom wearer to dictate that he would prefer a more natural experience. The female is left open and vulnerable for STDs and unwanted pregnancy.

I’m here today just to tell someone who may hurt, confused or feel taken advantage of that it’s not your fault. You have every right to feel betrayed, hurt or violated. Your trust was disregarded . You may blame yourself or feel alone. This is not a subject often discussed. Stealthing can produce devastating results not just physically but emotionally and psychologically. There is a long range of negative effects such as depression, increased anxiety and PTSD.

If you feel as though this happened to you, please alert someone who is capable to help. Obtain counseling services if necessary and take time to heal. You didn’t deserve this. You deserve to be treated with the upmost respect never forget that. Don’t worry, I survived this trauma and you can too. Don’t ever be ashamed of your story. You don’t know who you can help heal by telling your truth from a healed perspective.

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