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Back in the day, folks would often get insulted and the clapback of a few generations were “Sticks and stones may hurt my bones but words will never hurt me”(old adage from 1862- Unknown Author). We deceived ourselves, that’s the worse self defense mechanism if I ever heard one.

Truth is, the most dangerous person is a person who has no self-control. Not the person with the third degree blackbelt, powerful politician or criminal. The dangerous person is that one with the unbridled tongue that is mentioned in the Bible (various chapters of Job). The reality is, your little tongue can produce massive hurt, pierce, devastate and even cripple.

How many people we know are in therapy now because of hurtful word wars with their parents? Bullying and cyberbullying has resulted in attempted suicide and even deaths. People we love who refuse to reconcile have stony hearts from words spoken over them. Some people are crippled by “You will never” and “you are like your father”. Lovers at the cusp of marriage then hear words like “I never really loved you” destroys within an instant. The list of insults, low blows, degradation and lashing continues. Whether it’s from a Troll on the internet, close friend, family member or significant other they hurt.

THINKING. Seamless pattern. Word cloud illustration.

Worlds ultimately rule our lives and shifts our perspectives. Think about it, words are in every aspect of our lives such as…

  1. Political campaigns and debates

  2. Love Letters gone wrong

  3. Medical Documents

  4. PowerPoint presentations

  5. Movie with subtitles

  6. Strategy & Philosophy

  7. Counseling and Advice

  8. Audiobooks

  9. Journals and books

  10. Starts a movement

  11. Makes someone emotional

  12. Start wars

  13. Travel around the globe

  14. Speeches and sermons that highlight your vernacular, thoughts and heart

  15. Resume words for people to openly judge you

  16. Poetry and music the evoke feelings and plant seeds (good or evil)

  17. Theories, Dissertations

  18. Accusations or applaud  

  19. Blogs, essays and articles (newspapers) & more

Sometimes it’s not just the words but the real power is the intent and motive behind it. It may have started off with good intentions but then received incorrectly and evoke feelings that are difficult to control. My grandmother used to say “if its not pleasant, keep it to yourself”. We must realize that we have so much power in how we present and maneuver words. Let’s use our power and platforms to uplift and inspire. You never know one thing you say to someone can shift and save their lives. You never know, YOU may be the one to impact a generation, empower someone to reach their full potential, inspire someone to be great or achieve something spectacular. YOU make all the difference.

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