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The Aftermath of a Pandemic

Where do we all go from here?

I know I am not the only one wondering what life would be like after the Corona Virus and Social distancing has been lifted? Do we all flood MTA like before the same way or is there a change? Do we go on interviews and shake hands or is physical contact going to be limited? After we haven’t seen loved ones in a while do we rush to give giant hugs and kisses? What about concerts and other major events will they be cancelled and if not, is it even safe to host? Will a new wave or strand be birthed after? So many questions.

Another one of my concerns is mental health. Some people are going in sane with cabin fever. They haven’t the slightest clue of how to relax or occupy. New Yorkers have it bad, we are constantly on the move and I know speaking for myself its hard to be still. Will this affect relationships and marriages? With all the constant bad news of people passing but we never get a chance to say goodbye how does this affect us? For me, I am officially NUMB. I have braced myself to take on some hard hits while mayhem is in full effect. I think I may have to see a counselor after all the dust settles. My Pastor always says “don’t go crazy with the crazy!” I am trying to stay in my word and find spiritual homeostasis. We all need peace. The best we can do is trust God, pray but also talk to each other. I think we need to stay healthy by discussing our feelings and thoughts amongst each other. This is the time to come together!

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