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The Fight of My Life

I don’t want to continue talking about living Covid positive. I am over it too like most are. I definitely want to focus my efforts elswhere and plan for tomorrow.

I wanted to share a bit of my journey with you all to discuss how real this is. You hear about it being worse than any flu and that is true. There is no real words to explain it but I am so grateful everyday I open my eyes and realize God spared me once again.

I came to the this amazing Hospital (who will not be mentioned) due to their superior service. I had no idea that things will take a dramatic change. Its sad but NYC was never really prepared for an outbreak and I hope that in the near future we plan ahead. Upon arrival, I was greeted by Health Care officials to question if I was really sick. I sat in the waiting room with a temperature for hours. Finally, it happened another Asthmatic exaspiration.They require a mask but I can’t breathe, how does this work? Now I am gasping for air and the Staff cannot help me. Giving me treatments required me to be isolated because Nebulizers intensify whats in the atmsophere. Because they couldnt get me isolated in time, I almost passed out. I was hanging off of a chair holding my chest while others with great concerned looked on in pity. The medical team was afraid and working eagerly to find me a room.

After some time, they were able to provide treatments in a private room. I spent hours in there just crying because I knew how close I was to death. I eventually was admitted and got a really nice suite upstiars. My room was incredible and felt like a hotel. Service on the other hand was unfavorable until it wasn’t. Needing asssitance to get out of bed to get to the restroom was a trail. I would ring for a nurse and wait up to two hours before someone came. Its not thier fault, they were understaffed and overworked. I spent most of my days crying out to God and asking him for mercy. He is the breathe that I breathe. I realized how serious this was once fevers set in. I would sweat until all linings required chanigng and sit in my cold gown for hours. I would call for help but when they responded through the intercom and realize they dont understand me they just dely response to the request. I was dehydrated oftentimes but scared to drink the liquids. What would happen to me if I need to go to the bathroom? Going to the restroom now was a nightmare. I then required oxygen just to get from piont A to B.

Coughing hurt my chest. Its the feeling that you get when you have had the stomach virus and just the mere action in your stomach muscles moving are so painful. Coughing fits became the new norm where I couldnt stop to catch my breath during this time my bowels made decisions on thier own. I would never forget the feeling of coughing and just ending up in pool of my own urine(or whatever else) in seconds. Never thought I would need help to walk, talk, bathe or do basic things. We take so much for granted. Walking around dizzy and shortness of breathe is so dangerous and I was put on watch.

When my status was confirmed, I got the boot. The nice hotel stay was over. I got shifted to creepy budiling where I thought of the movie “Hostel”. This entire space was dedicated to COVID patients and is so depressing. Isolated, no family, put in a place where most dont expect you to make it is enough to have someone be depressed or just give up. Being here, I realized most of the battle was in your mind.

I was one of the first on this floor so it was weird but eventually beds began filling up. Watching some of my roomates also fight for thier lives was a bit traumatic. I started praying with the little breathe I had. Being Asthmatic intensifies everything. They clean everything they touch before and after with Lysol wipes. America never been so clean before. Crazy thing is peple with Asthma should not be exposed to strong cleaning products. Its damned if you do and dont. They gotta use these products for protocol sake. Everytime someone cleaned,I swear I was dying. There have been a few times I felt myself slipping but I know a host of Angels were present. Prayers were keeping me afloat and I was in Gods arms. I dont take any day for granted. I have always been grateful for life but I appreciate it with a brand new perspective.

Why did I share this? If your not praying for people or the Staff who is consistenly exposed to people like us your doing the world an injustice. Trust me, we joke all the time about this but this is not an average flu or virus. This thing will have you seeing your past relatives thinking your time is up. Seriously, please check in on your family members, friends, leaders etc. This is the time for us to band together and remain united. We will stand after this. The world singing “Hes Got the Whole World” is cute but we need national and global prayer.

2 Chronicles 7:14 King James Version (KJV)

14 If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

  1. Scripture derived from

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